Top 5 News Apps for Smartphones in Nepal


    With so much going on about all over the country and world-wide, it is only normal to want to be up-to-date with them. But in this era, how many of us really have the time to buy and read newspapers in leisure? The advent of technology has made it easier for us to some extent and brought the news to our smartphones. And with much competition going on among the Nepali media as well, there are a lot of news apps to choose from. So, here, we try to make it easier for you to choose among the News Apps that are available out there. Here are the Top 5 News Apps for Smartphones in Nepal.

    These News Apps are limited to Nepali News Apps and are based not only on the ratings. In no particular order, here is the list of Top 5 News Apps for Smartphones in Nepal.

    1) Nepali Samachar

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalOn top of the list of Top 5 News Apps for Smartphones in Nepal, we have the Nepali Samachar app by SoNus. Among so many news apps by the newspaper publishers, this news app gives you news from a variety of sources. Talking about variety, this is the only app that features news from 40 different sources including the popular ones like Kantipur, Nagarik, etc. and other sources like Avenues TV, Titan Herald, etc. You have the freedom to choose from any of these.

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalThe user interface also pretty good on this app. You can easily choose from among the listed sources of news and start reading. It might take a while to load, but that depends on your smartphone specs really. Also, it will require quite the data usage, but will work even in slow internet connections. All in all, this one is a great source of all the news. You can also share interesting and important news in your Social Media.

    2) Online Khabar

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalNext on Top 5 News Apps for Smartphones in Nepal, we have the Online Khabar app. You must be familiar with OnlineKhabar, which is the number one online news portal in Nepal. So, you can’t go wrong with this news app on your phone. This app gives you the fastest news updates, from its source directly in So, you always get the latest and fastest updates on your phone. You can also get direct links to outside sources and videos. Not only news, but you can access the latest Nepali entertainment stuff through it as well.

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalAlso, this apps UI is one of the easiest and best to use. It almost resembles those high-end apps that you pay for. You can manage your news according to your interest, get the Breaking News on your homepage. Furthermore, you can get breaking news notification when they happen on your phone instantly. Save news to your phone to read for when you have no internet connection. What’s more? This app is totally ad free! Just download it right away.

    3) InHeadline

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalInHeadline is another news app that’s one of the Top 5 News Apps for Smartphones in Nepal. It is an app that’s one of a kind which saves a lot of your time. With this app, you can get all the relevant information in just 60 words! Any news about any trending topic is covered within 60 words written by professional writers. So, it makes getting the news quite efficient and fast. If you don’t like reading all the unnecessary and irrelevant part of the news, then, this app is just the one for you. You won’t miss out on anything important yet won’t have to read anything useless.

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalAlso, the user interface is just as efficient as the app itself. You can switch between news with just a swipe up / down. You can place all your favorite Trending News, Bookmarks, Unread, etc. in My Category option and get those first. In addition, the algorithm of this app collects data on your preferences which helps personalize your app with the articles you find most relevant and prefer. A great app to get updated while saving your time.

    4) Hamro Patro

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalNow, this is not a news app per se, but this app made to this list of Top 5 News Apps for Smartphones in Nepal because it’s an app that covers everything from calendars to news. It is a full-fledged app for everything that we Nepalese would generally require – a Nepali calendar, Nepali horoscope, Nepali radio, and Nepali news. This app is generally used for Nepali calendar and horoscope but it also provides the latest and freshest news on your phone as well. It features the news from reliable sources like Annapurna Post, OnlineKhabar and other smaller sources.

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalYou can get the news as “Hamro News” section. The app’s user interface is fully in Nepali, however. But even so, its pretty easy to navigate through the app. You can get the news, your horoscope, foreign currency exchange rates, etc. You can even choose to listen to the news through the radio as well. So, you have a lot of usage for this app beside the news as well. It is one of the most popular apps for us Nepalese.

    5) eKantipur

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalFinally, in Top 5 News Apps for Smartphones in Nepal, we have the eKantipur news app. Now, you might think why and compare it other news apps like Nagarik News app or similar apps, but this app lets you direct access to everything by Kantipur. You can get the nepali news from the Kantipur newspaper and english news from The Kathmandu Post. You can even listen to Kantipur FM and watch Kantipur TV directly through this app, which makes it really versatile.

    Top-5-News-Apps-for-Smartphones-in-NepalThe best thing about this app is that even though its Kantipur exclusive, you can get everything from news to entertainment from Saptahik paper. Also, you can get the magazines from Kantipur media like Nari and Nepal Magazine. Kantipur, being the source of every kind of news and entertainment, you won’t go wrong with the eKantipur app.

    So, these are the Top 5 News Apps for Smartphones in Nepal. There might be other similar apps out there too, so, feel free to comment if we missed any of such good apps. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such news and information.


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