Top 5 Gadget News Apps for Android and iOS


The world of tech is an amazing place. You never know what you’re gonna get next. Everything happens so fast and sometimes, you kinda don’t expect them. It’s difficult living in today’s world and not being updated with the latest technologies that come out. And if you’re a geek or a tech-savvy person like me, then, you’d definitely want to have the latest tech news and updates, won’t you? And what’s more, our smartphones make it so easy for us to do just that. We have a lot of apps that can provide us with the latest tech news and such, but which ones are the best among them? Well, to address that, here we have the Top 5 Gadget News Apps for Android and iOS. 

In this article, we share the Top 5 Gadget News Apps for Android and iOS that tech-savvy people must have. These are in no particular order, and are not based solely on the ratings.

1) Appy Geek

top-5-gadget-apps-for-android-and-iosFirst up, on Top 5 Gadget News Apps for Android and iOS, as expected, is Appy Geek. This app is number one on the Google Play Store for a reason. It is one of the best gadget news apps out there. If you’re a geek, and do not want to miss a thing about the latest tech, this is it. It’s essentially a newspaper that gathers the tech news from the best sources and lays it on your fingertips. You can the choice of reading from more than 50,000 news articles each day from the best and most reliable sources. There are over 1 million topics to choose from even, which is just like a treasure hunt for geeks.



Also, the user interface is quite sleek and for us geeks, sexy even. If you’re familiar with the News Republic app, then, you’ll notice the user interface similarity right away. And so, it’s super easy to browse through every topic with its ability to browse stories through the 3D Word Cloud. The User Interface is highly customizable and you can also choose to get alerts on your phone from your best sources. You also have the feature to choose your favorite sources to get the tech news from as well. What’s more, you can also choose to view the stories on the basis of the number of views they’ve had or the number of votes. In addition, it even lets you react to the news you see and share it with friends easily.

 2) Engadget

top-5-gadget-apps-for-android-and-iosThis app is good for all things tech. Now Engadget is a  company that focuses on technology blog networks with daily coverage of gadgets and consumer tech. And it is big news now. So, you’ll not go wrong with an app from a company such as this. And if you’re a fan of tech, then you are sure to be familiar with Engadget. Therefore, this app should also be on your phone. The Engadget app lets you browse news from three different websites, all of which are variant of Engadget. You might think its too little, but this app is Engadget exclusive. But the best thing about being a single source is that you get only the best and the most relevant news on your phone. The news articles come directly from Engadget’s team of editors and columnists, so, you don’t have to worry about reliability.


Sure, the three websites it offers are accessible through your web browser, but the app offers extra features like filters to sort through content, video, and photo galleries. Also, you have the option to save the stories to your device and share it with friends. What’s more is that this app lets you easy access to all the Engadget videos and since it offers a better video experience for phones. Subscribe to the topics most important to you and get notifications about the latest tech news! The User interface is also quite charming and easy to use. For those who didn’t know, the app just got recently customized fully, so, you should ditch your old version and get the new one. The app also promises more exciting features in the days to come.

3) Forbes Magazine

top-5-gadget-apps-for-android-and-iosForbes is something that needs no introduction. It is a global media company with its hands in almost everything there is. Forbes focuses on Business, Investing,  Technology, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle and Leadership to name a few. The Forbes magazine is one of the most popular reads in the world. And so, for the Forbes Magazine app to be listed in the Top 5 Gadget News Apps for Android and iOS is not surprising. Now, with this app, you’ll be able to get access to the Forbes magazine and at the same time. Yes, the Forbes app is for all things in general, but for tech lovers, there is a separate section for Tech News. And why should you use this app for tech? Because with Forbes, you’ll get everything that is going on.


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It combines many reliable sources, and with Forbes’ large team of writers and editors, you’ll get different kinds of articles, entertaining and informative. Not just your regular tech news, but also the perspectives of the columnists themselves. The layout, graphics and images are pretty good which almost resembles the magazine but is actually much more. You can directly stream videos while reading and there are a lot of links that will point you to various outside sources as well, if you want. You can also get connected directly to a writer and also other readers by providing your feedback. Its not a free app – you’ll have to download it and subscribe to the magazine to enjoy it, but it is definitely worth it.


top-5-gadget-apps-for-android-and-iosYou can’t call yourself a tech lover and not know CNet. CNet is a media website that gives you the latest review, news, blogs, articles and podcasts on the latest technology and consumer electronics. Anything related to technology, and CNet is there. Now, if you know CNet, you know it is one of the best websites to go to for anything related to technology. So, there shouldn’t be need of any other reason to get this app. The CNet app will not only give you news and articles, but will also let you know about the best product deals and where to get them. With reviews of almost every gadget, it will also provide you recommendations to those products. CNet’s team of expert writers and authors give you unbiased reviews of your favorite tech gizmos and the app provides you direct access to CNet’s videos as well.

top-5-gadget-apps-for-android-and-iosThe award-winning site is available at your fingertips with this app. The app’s user interface is similar to that of the website – easy to navigate through. You can surf among the various topics easily and find the topics you want easily with the search button. It doesn’t have the feature to let you choose your favorites topics just yet as it focuses on giving you the topmost stories first. That has its own pros and cons, but all in all, its a great app, the whole of CNet at your fingertips. Search not only for the tech news, but the best deals for the gadgets and products you want. If you want only the top 10 of the best stories from CNet, you can also choose CNet’s Tech Today app – which updates you with what’s new on a daily basis.

5) FossBytes

top-5-gadget-apps-for-android-and-iosFossybytes is one of the leading sources of technology news. It mainly focuses on Linux and distro releases, hacking news, security, tutorials and more. It is dedicated to all kinds of software, gadgets, security, and open source news. Now, if you update yourself with the latest security issues and hacking, then, you’ve certainly heard of this website. And now, with the FossBytes app, you can get all that and much more on your phone directly. It is also mostly exclusive to the Fossbytes website, but that too means its highly reliable as a single source. You’ll not only get the latest updates and information, but also a little bit of entertainment with a bite of technology.

This app is elegantly designed for effortless reading. You can bookmark your favorite articles for reading later and share your favorite news from inside the article or your phone’s native sharing options easily. The app allows you to sort the articles on the basis of different categories for trending tech news, open source and programming news, How-Tos and  tutorials, security and hacking news and explanation articles. You can also zoom in / out to change the font size for reading. Also, you can get notifications on your phone, use the night mode to make it easier on the eyes and get the Short Bytes feature if you’re low on time. This feature gives you a complete summary of the news articles in seconds. This app is packed with all the necessary features, and you will be impressed by it.

So, these are the Top 5 Gadget News Apps for Android and iOS. Maybe you didn’t see what you were hoping to find, so, do let us know which ones should be here. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such news and information.


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