5 Best Rugged Cases for LG X Power


    LG X Power is one of the best entry-level LG smartphone you can get in the US right now. Major carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon are selling it for 0$ on plan. If you are an owner of this phone, feel lucky as you have grabbed a really good smartphone for the money. In this post, we will be looking at the 5 Best Rugged Cases for LG X Power.

    So, let’s get right into the list of 5 Best Rugged Cases for LG X Power. Do note that all the cases that are mentioned here are tested and work flawlessly. None of these cases have any issues with fitting or false advertisement.

    1) CoverON Hard Clear for LG X Power5-best-rugged-cases-for-lg-x-power

    The phones today are so well made that we should be shamed to keep them covered. But then again, when we have no case on, there is a high chance of damage in case of a drop. Solution? Get this transparent case. This case is my personal favorite in this list of 5 Best Rugged Cases for LG X Power.

    You can get this case in 3 different color and this case costs under $10 at the moment.

    View this LG X Power case here>>

    2) Zizo LG X Power Transparent Clear Case5-best-rugged-cases-for-lg-x-power

    Here is another slim but at the same time rugged case for the LG X Power. The thing to love about this case is the fact that you can get it in a really cool design. Also, even though it is a transparent case, it is rugged and works like a charm. I have dropped my LG X Power with this case and had no issues. The case got a little rough but the phone was as good as new.

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    You can this LG X Power Case in 5 exciting flavors and the case itself it priced under $15. The color choice is also one of the best in this list of 5 Best Rugged Cases for LG X Power.

    Check this Slim Transparent LG X Power Case here>>

    3) Zizo Military LG X Power Rugged Case5-best-rugged-cases-for-lg-x-power

    If you want military grade protection for your LG X Power, this case is the way to go. Not only is this case rugged, it is also extremely durable and versatile. You get integrated kick stand which comes really handy while watching movies and playing games using a bluetooth controller. You can get this case in whooping 8 colors and is currently for sale for under $15.

    View this rugged this LG X Power case here>>

    4)  CoverON Hard Slim Cover Case for LG X Power5-best-rugged-cases-for-lg-x-power

    This is another great rugged case from CoverON which works much better even than what is advertised. What you are getting with this case is essentially a dual layer case which also has kick stand. In addition to that, you can get this case in 6 exciting colors. I personally htink that the case looks best in Red color as pictured above. The fit and finish of this LG X Power is excellent. You can get this case for undre $15 at the moment.

    View this Slim LG X Power Case here>>

    5) Mr Shield For LG X Power Tempered Glass Screen Protector 5-best-rugged-cases-for-lg-x-power

    If you are like me who doesn’t want to put on a case on their mobile phone, I highly recommend you to at least put on this tempered glass screen protector. This one from Mr Shield comes in a pack of 3 and also comes with unlimited warranty. If something goes wrong with your glass, you can receive replacement for free. You can get this Mr Shield LG X Power Tempered Glass Screen Protector for under $15 at the moment.

    Get this LG X Power Tempered Glass Screen Protector here>>

    So, these are the 5 best rugged cases you can get for the LG X Power right now. As new cases come out for the LG X Power, rest assured that we will update this list of 5 Best Rugged Cases for LG X Power.


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