5 Best Cases for 2015 iPod Touch 6th Generation


The new generation of iPods have arrived and they are darn good. For just $200, you can grab yourself the 6th generation iPod Touch. It is the cheapest iOS device you can buy right now. But by no means it is the slowest or the one with least powerful specs. In fact, it shares the same Apple A8 chip that powers the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (only slightly overclocked). But still it is among the fastest Apple device to date.

iPod Touch 6th generation shares the same external housing of the iPod Touch 5th generation. The dimensions are exactly the same too. It means you can use the same case that you have been using in the iPod Touch 5th generation all these years! So, these are the 5 Best Cases for the iPod Touch 6th generation you can buy right now! We are sure that you will like at least one of them.

1) iPod Touch 6th Generation Case by Poetic-Atmosphere Series

5-Best-Cases-for-2015-iPod-Touch-6th-GenerationiPod Touch 6th generation is super slim and I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to add any bulk to it by putting on a bulky case. If that’s case, this case without any doubt is the one for you. Poetic Atmosphere series case comes in 5 distinct colour, pink being one of them. In addition to that, Poetic is throwing away 3-year warranty with this case.

In case something goes wrong with your case, Poetic will replace it for you for free. What I loved the most about this case is that it costs well below $10 at the moment. This without a doubt is a steal!

View this iPod Touch Case here>>

2) Comsoon Waterproof Case for Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation with built-in Screen Protector

5-Best-Cases-for-2015-iPod-Touch-6th-GenerationOkay, I will be honest…. This case is bulky but there’s a good reason for it. This case is dust-proof, water-resistant, shock-proof and what not! Even better, with this case you get life-time warranty and people have been actually able to get the replacement for free even after months!

This Comsoon Case for iPod Touch 6th generation is available for less than $20 at Amazon and is available in 6 colours. Be sure to check this case out.

View this iPod Touch Case here>>

3) OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPod touch 6G

5-Best-Cases-for-2015-iPod-Touch-6th-GenerationAnyone who has used a quality case before without any doubt surely knows how good OtterBox Cases are. This Defender Series Case for iPod Touch 6G is no exception. This case performs really well and have no flaws you should be concerned about. This case is available in 3 colours and you can get it in quite a discount right now!

This OtterBox Defender Series case for iPod Touch 6G comes with a built-in screen protector and you don’t have to at all worry about your phone getting scratched or cracked (in the case you drop your phone with the case on). If rigidity is your top priority, go and grab this case!

View this iPod Touch Case here>>

4) GMYLE Book Case Vintage for iPod Touch 6th Generation

5-Best-Cases-for-2015-iPod-Touch-6th-GenerationHow can we miss out the flip case covers, right? Here is one of the best flip cover cases for the iPod Touch 6G you can get right now. This case is available in two colours. One in black colour and the other in a cool brown colour. That’s the one I like better.

This flip cover case for the iPod Touch 6th generation also has pockets where you can store-in ID cards and other important cards including credit cards. Also, you can use the case as a stand while viewing media.

View this iPod Touch Case here>>

5) GMYLE Wallet Case Classic for ipod Touch 6th Generation

5-Best-Cases-for-2015-iPod-Touch-6th-GenerationThis is another exceptional case from Gmyle and this case is much more cool than the case mentioned above. In addition to that, this case is available in 6 colours. This case is funky and if you prefer more colour options than classy cases, you will love this case.

This case is available for less than $10 at the moment and it certainly worth a look!

View this iPod Touch Case here>>

These are the 5 Best Cases for 2015 iPod Touch 6th generation. Hope you liked at least one of them. Also, we update our articles frequently. So, be sure to check out this article in the later date. Thanks for reading this post. You can read more about iPod Touch 6G by clicking here!


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