Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017

I don’t see why someone wouldn’t play any games on  their phone. Especially, if you have a smartphone, you can have so many options to play from. In addition, if you are an iPhone user, then, you get the privilege of seeing the latest of phone games first. And yes, there are tons to choose from – from First Person Shooter to Strategy games to Racing and all that. But yes, only some of them can provide you entertainment for hours at an end. So,  here we’ve put together a list of such games that you are sure to like. These are the Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017.

The list of games here are not all released in 2017 but still remain popular to this day. It is one difficult list to make as games are all about preferences. The games in this list are here due to recommendations and others opinions as well. Read on the Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017.

1)  Injustice 2

10-best-ios-games-2017Injustice 2 is a pretty big game in the console world, and after it made its way onto mobile, it is equally popular. So, this is the first to make this list of Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017. If you love playing superhero and beating the shit out of other superheroes and supervillains alike, then, this is the game for you. Here, you build your own league of superheroes of the DC universe, level up, unlock their supermoves and get more powerful as you go. As it is a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, this game packs more super characters, Gear System for each, and unique fighting styles. A great brawling game for sure.

You can either play the campaign or compete against players all around the world in the Global matches. As it updates with events regularly, you can compete to win exciting game goodies as well. A great super-brawling game for you to check out.

2) Bully

10-best-ios-games-of-2017Next up on Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017 is Bully, a Rockstar classic game. And it is equally fun to play on your iPhone. This one is an old one but a gold one for console, but its very recent news for mobile phones. Here, as a Rockstar signature, its a free world game where you play a character of a disturbed young school boy. You play in a school environment where you prank, make new friends, get into trouble with other students…you know, a classic high school game, just like the name. It includes missions and other small interesting sub missions to complete. Unlock the classic school life as you go.

Since its not really designed for mobile touchscreens, the controls can seem a little of and will take time to get used to. But once you do, its really fun to play. Its not a free game, but well worth your money, though. If you miss your school days, it will remind you some of it.

3) Jelly Juggle

10-best-ios-games-of-2017This one’s a really simple game…at least when you look at it. Basically, you play a fish, who tries to juggle little jelly pieces, or basically play ping pong with itself as you move around the screen trying to keep the jelly or jellies inside the screen. All you have to do is touch the screen to get your fish to move in a counter-clockwise direction to keep the jelly from touching your screen’s edge. Sounds simple, right? Nope. The jelly bounces off in all kinds of directions depending on which part of your body you touch it with, making it more difficult, yet, fun to play. Reach a certain score and get to the next level, where a different kind of jelly awaits you. With more of luck than skill, you’ll get through it.

A free to play game but will cost you around $2 in-app-purchase for no ads. It gets harder as you go, but is quite addictive. Certainly a great way to pass the time.

4) Battle of Polytopia

10-best-ios-games-of-2017Next up is a strategy game in this Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017. This game is really popular as a strategy game. If you’re tired of candy crush or so, try your hand at this. You have to discover new worlds, build your own and rule the world in about 30 moves. A turn based game, where you play as one of the tribes, explore, discover new lands, fight other “evil” tribes, make your tribe stronger and conquer. Has cartoony graphics and simple tech tree, but really fun to play once you get the hang of it.

If you believe that good graphics isn’t necessary for a good game, then, you’ll definitely love it. Mind you, it is really really addictive, so, don’t play while you’re in the bathroom!

5) Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed

10-best-ios-games-of-2017If you want fighting, lots and lots of fighting…this is it. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is this huge hack and slash game, where you battle against hordes of armies…and a hell lot of times, in your quest to unite three kingdoms. You not only hack and slash but build your armies, promote generals and use cunning strategies combined with elite heroes in this epic saga to fulfill the vision of your ancestors. You can choose from a wide list of heroes, each with their unique skill and abilities, strengthen them with their weapon system and slash through the game. You not only fight but also travel a lot and explore, the environment and the controls as well.

The graphics is quite good for a game such as this. The controls will take getting used to, but all in all, you’ll love this game. You’ll get your share of blood with this insane game.

6) Crash of Cars

10-best-ios-games-of-2017If you’re looking for something to play with others online, then, Crash of Cars is right next on Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017. Now, this may sound like Clash of Clans, and give you the impression that it is similar, but it is not so. Yes, this one is an online real-time battler, but that’s all similarity there is. You play as one of the cars, and your objective is to smash your opponents’ cars and destroy them by any means. Collect power-ups, and collect crowns to get rich! Also, prevent getting smashed by opponents. This game is highly chaotic but a lot of fun!

Drive one of the many fantastic cars as you unlock them slowly. Then, have bazookas or flamethrowers attached to them as you pummel your enemies!

7) The Room 3

10-best-ios-games-of-2017Now here’s a puzzle game that’s also quite interactive. This puzzle game made it to this list of Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017 with its immersive ness in a physical and tactile world. Its beautiful gameplay gives you an almost real world experience as if you’re right there in the game itself. Here, you are lured to a mysterious island where you try and solve the most complex of puzzles with features like intuitive controls, interact with intricate objects, etc. Its easy to begin and hard to put down.

It is really fun but is also somewhat high-end, so, it’s not recommended for iPhones below 5. And sometimes, it can take quite a bit thinking to play, so, play at your own risk!

8) Cube Escape: The Cave

10-best-ios-games-of-2017Here’s another puzzle game in this list of Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017. Cube Escape: The Cave is the 9th game in the Cube Escape series. It continues the story of Rusty Lake series, but you don’t really need to be familiar with it to play this one. This one is a really fun escape game with interesting plot twists where you try to solve complex puzzles and navigate your way out of this cave you’re in. The game is interesting enough to make you want to play the other predecessors of this game.

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The graphics are cartoonish but fits well with the games purpose. You’ll sometimes be intrigued by the plot twists of this puzzle game. Its easy to get lost in this one.

9) Score Hero

10-best-ios-games-of-2017Looking for a sports game? Well, we have one on Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017 and its about football. Also, this game does football some justice on your phone. Yes, the story is similar, play from the slums all the way to the top of the leagues. Pass, shoot and score your way from the unglamorous beginnings all the way to legendary status. Explore the immersive football world of your hero through 380 dramatic and challenging levels. Here, you have full control over the ball as you can even bend shots and have precise through balls easily.

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The entire gameplay is based on swipes alone, but even so, you have quite the football game on your hands.

10) Bullet Force

10-best-ios-games-of-2017Last but not the least on Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017, is Bullet Force. You must have guessed it by the name that it’s a First Person Shooter. Its a fast paced modern military shooter game where you have 4 different multiplayer modes. With its sleek military aesthetics and customizable controls, you’ll feel as if you’re playing Call of Duty on your computer. You can customize your character with skins, weapons of various kinds, and unlock some special advantages.

This is an online multiplayer, and the controls will take some getting used to, to be honest. But quite a good game to play, though.

So, these are the Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2017 on our list. Did we miss out any of your favorites? Do let us know, but be sure to check these out as they’re totally worth it. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such news and information.

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